Career Planning

Learning Targets:

I CAN analyze individual interests, aptitudes, and abilities related to career planning and update my ILP.

I CAN plan, create and deliver a presentation, educating others about my career choice.

Keyboard Labeling Practice

Click on the link below to practice for your keyboard labeling test.

QWERTY song!

Shortcut Keys - Page #10

Copy the following keyboard shortcuts onto page 10 of your workbook.


Fishbowl Activity

Below, you will find statements made by a grouchy students who DID NOT want to learn proper keyboarding techniques. Work with a partner to defend against the statement(s) you are assigned. Be prepared to defend your position aloud. 

  1. At work I won’t have to use computers to communicate. I will just call them, or handwrite them a note.
  2. I will just handwrite all my notes in college. I already know how to do that!
  3. I really don’t waste that much time hunting and pecking when I type. I’m sure I can do my job fast enough without knowing how to type. 
  4. In my office I will just keep all my records in folders and in filing cabinets. That’s easier for me!
  5. There are not many jobs that require you to use a computer anyway! 
  6. I’ll just wait and learn how to type later when I have to use it. 
  7. At work I will just tell everyone I prefer all documents and letters be given to me the old fashion way… on paper! 
  8. In college I will just turn all my work in on paper. I’m sure my college professor will be okay with that.